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A kitchen should be simple, practical, but functional and organized, a space that transmits the warmth of home that we found in kitchens in years gone by. Modern kitchens are one of the most used and enjoyed rooms in our homes today, modern kitchen concepts with free standing kitchen island, wet bar, and comfortable interior make time in the kitchen as comfortable as in the living room.


Kitchen trends change every year, much like clothes and shoes, but as many people only consider a new kitchen every ten years, some even longer, and as our kitchen appliances can be very expensive to replace kitchen design can be cleverly achieved by renewing kitchen units and work surfaces.


Kitchen Materials


As observed, the commonly used materials have been gradually replaced by more bizarre building materials such as marble, hardened glass, ceramics and concrete.

A high-quality looking marble isn’t just used for worktops anymore, just as tempered glass can add a shiny finish to a kitchen space and this makes the most sense when combined with co-ordinated lighting as it results in great color effects.

Concrete, as we all know, is very resistant to scratches and heat and makes the kitchen area look more industrial or give it a modern art-house style. Ceramics are able to create a wide range of design possibilities and is the initial kitchen design choice.


Kitchen Colour Schemes


This is where most of the work exists as you’re torn between making your kitchen stand out or run compatibility tests with the rest of your space; especially now that open kitchen areas are merging with the living area.

Work your natural colours, although they may be dominated by darker shades of grey, brown and black; this is due to the fact they are particularly design effective in the new materials.

So, why you think you might be stuck between a rock and a hard place because you are contemplating on following the upcoming trends or deciding that it’s your kitchen and it should follow your rules. We’d advise that you go with the latter, just because trends are meant to be broken.


Kitchen Lighting

The most valuable advantage of modern lighting is the opportunity to have various options for the choice of colour and brightness that can be obtained just by adjusting the lighting. Using white light to completely light up the whole kitchen while dimming the lights for guests sitting at the counter works when you need to specify your working area.

While all of these are ideas, it is imperative that you take time out to do your research as you wouldn’t want to be left out as regards futuristic kitchen ideas. Send us a comment if you’ve got any problems during the decision making process, we’d love to help.

Till we meet again, enjoy the best life has to offer.

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