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Enhancing the living or working space is essential, especially with furniture that complements the visual appeal of the area as well as its functionality. Great furniture choices can do everything from making a small room look larger to transforming even the simplest building into a grand and beautiful space.

Of course, the biggest challenge lies in finding stylish and contemporary furniture on a limited budget. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips that will help with this process.

  1. Evaluate your needs: Remember that the less cluttered your living area, the more space you have to live. Make a list of the pieces you need and those you can do without. Try to arrange furniture to optimize your space before shopping.
  2. Recycle: Before shopping for new furniture, do a routine check to see if you’ve got old furniture that could be reconstructed. For example, if there’s an old couch lying around, could it be re-upholstered to make it look more contemporary.
  3. Delivery factor: Set a budget when you want to purchase furniture, and include tax cost and delivery rates in the final price. If you want a sofa and have a budget of  ₦300k, for example, shop for sofas in the  ₦200k to  ₦250k range.
  4. Consider furniture upkeep: It is very necessary to consider the cost of upkeep when deciding on furniture pieces. We know that some types of fabric and materials need more than others. For instance, to steam clean fabric, you’d consider the cost of renting a machine.
  5. Negotiate: Always remember to negotiate a deal. Always talk to a salesperson on negotiation because they often have the power to do so. Find the deals that offer the most, or those that add free delivery and make the whole purchase seem more affordable.
  6. Buy a piece at a time: Please, remember that you don’t have to break the bank when trying to purchase furniture. You don’t have to replace everything in your home or space at once. You can spread out your purchases because this saves you money and gives you time to wait for your next annual pay raise.



Final Words

If you put the needed amount of effort to hunting for furniture and you can work on restoring used pieces, you’d save a lot of money. Open-mindedness, a wild-running imagination and creative research would fast-track your shopping process. Also note that patience is key; that it may take some time to get what you really need for your space and most of all, at the price you want to pay.


Please, let us know how you have saved money while shopping for furniture.

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