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Ever walked into a place, say a restaurant and instantly you are in awe of the place due to the beauty and elegance of such space, the art behind the decoration, the furniture used and the way they have all been arranged. You instantly want to take pictures to save the memory and to show your friends the beautiful restaurant you visited. Deep down in your mind, you are already planning on how you will bring your next date to that restaurant.

There are four things to consider when choosing furniture for your restaurant. Of course, much of the choice of furniture will depend upon the size of your restaurant and the clientele you expect to serve. The following are a few things to consider when selecting furniture:


If your restaurant will be catering to a family type atmosphere or casual dining among friends, you will likely need to have some booths available. Restaurants, in general, are known for their booths, so people have grown accustomed to them. Therefore, for a family restaurant, you will want to have at least a few booths, perhaps along the sides of the dining area with tables in the centre. You can also create a restaurant with all the booths. In fact, this is a classic configuration of a family dinner. All booths, with a counter area for seating as well.

Cushion material

Whether it is booths or chairs, you will need to decide on the material of the cushions. For family dining, you should plan for multiple spills with children. For this reason, you need to forget the idea of any type of fabric. Focus on things that are easily and quickly cleaned. Vinyl is often the best choice. Tables should also have a material that is easy to clean. Wood, for example, should be avoided. There are many low-cost laminate materials that are good choices for tables. In addition, for a family restaurant, you will need to have a certain number of high chairs for the little ones.

The size of the tables

The choice of the material will have a lot to do with the atmosphere and clientele, but the size of the table is also a factor. You may want to have only tables that seat two or four people, but if you are looking to attract large groups of people, you will need to figure out how many people and the table configurations to accommodate them. You may want to buy tables that are easily placed side-by-side to create a larger seating capacity, or you may want to simply buy one or two large tables for this purpose. If you want the latter option, you will need a dedicated space in your restaurant for this purpose.

The shape of the table and the type of table base

Most people chose square and rectangular tables, but you should also consider round tables. Square and rectangular tables are best used in large rooms where the table corners won’t get in the way. Round tables are best utilized in tight, closed spaces so as not to take much space and allow for more seating. Speaking of seating, restaurant table bases vary greatly, so you need to consider the comfort of your dining guests. Certain table bases, tripod bases, for example, will create more leg room. Others, like bolt down bases, will create a more stable table. Keep your guests comfortable, and they will visit again.

The choice may be simple for small restaurants, if you plan on opening a small restaurant, such as a sandwich shop or other place where there will be a lot of orders to go, you may not need anything fancy. In fact, for this type of restaurant, you may only need low-cost fibreglass chairs and tables. Any business that plans on less than 25 or so seats can go this route.

The most important part of selecting restaurant furniture is knowing what type of customer you are trying to attract to your restaurant. Other than this, make sure that you buy furniture that is designed for restaurants. This type of commercial furniture is designed to be used on a continual basis and is always more durable than anything designed for your home.

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