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Why is your productivity important?

Productivity is the measure of the extent of our potential performance relative to our apparent or real-time performance.

A lot of factors are responsible for how good or bad that could be of which your remote office space design is chief among them.

Over the most recent 10 years, remote work has become more prevalent and gaining more adoption. While remote workspace design can vary from one individual to another, one thing that doesn't change is the effect that the workspace condition has on our wellbeing and productivity.


How to achieve it

Below we shared some hacks with you that positively affects productivity while working from home.

1) Adequate Lighting: A study conducted by the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell indicated that workspaces situated at 10 feet away from a window resulted to an 84% decline in eye fatigue, cerebral pains, and obscured vision. Here are a couple of approaches to reexamine your space lighting structure:
-Consider including lookout windows. 
-Control glare.
-Amplify normal lighting. 
-Move enormous, cumbersome furniture that blocks out daylight. 

Workspace set very close to natural light 

2) Proper Ventilation: The nature of air inside your space can significantly affect your wellbeing and efficiency. The research done by the World Green Building Council recorded an 11% increase in inefficiency, because of introduction of natural air to the workstation and a decrease in contaminations. Here are a couple of ways you can affect the air quality:
-Execute a no-smoking policy. 
-Keep the space mess-free. 
-Trash food cans and items. 
-Open windows.

 A remote workspace designed to have as much natural air as possible

3) Introduce some greenery: The 2015 Human Spaces report, conducted a research on 7,600 individuals who work from home from 16 nations to look at the effect of green plants on the working conditions of those individuals, found out that individuals who work in spaces with components such as (daylight and greenery) report a 15% more significant level of productivity and 15% increasingly imaginative. Lamentably, the specialists likewise found out that about 58% of them have no live plants in their workspaces – in spite of the beneficial outcomes office plants have on them.

Indoor plants offer a wide assortment of unbelievable wellbeing benefits. It adds life and vitality. Keeps the brain alive with imagination and that creative spark.

A workspace with some plant pots


4) Mind the temperature: As indicated by the consequences of a 2016 review by the International Interior Design Association IIDA on work fulfillment, the greatest complaints given about the working environment are related to temperature. This study showed that 22% of remote workers experience issues amassing in a space that is excessively hot — 11% have similar trouble in one that is excessively cold.

The body needs adequate temperature conditions to perform and function optimally. However, this could be a bit tricky though because it varies across climates and prevalent weather conditions. Hot regions will require you to control it towards lower degrees and vice versa.  Just keep the temperature right and productivity follows.

Workspace teperature aided with an air conditioning system


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