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Why at this time?

Families are staying more together, parents are having to interact with their kids more due to the reduction in social mobility caused by the isolation, quarantine or lock-down depending on the degree at which you are experiencing it (as at the time this article was published, the world was going through a pandemic caused by a virus called COVID-19)

With the kids spending all their time at home now because of no schooling activities, this surely means something for the furniture in your home.

We put together this article to help parents out with a few among many of the tips that they can use to adapt the furniture at home to become more suitable for their kids, reduce home accidents, collisions and increase their levels of domestic safety.


Make the best use of vertical storage

Vertical storage helps you store as many items as possible in your home using very little spaces because you would only go upwards. Also it hides these storage from getting in the way of your kids stumbling upon them. So vertical storage you solve two problems essentially; you use less space for more storage and you increase your kid's safety as they move around the house.


A white tall vertical storage in use


Hang your flower pots

study out of Washington State University found that 20 percent of household dust was reduced with plants. That’s in addition to those pesky airborne microbes that irritate or infect your airways, which are selflessly absorbed by our green friends. That confirms that plants are a good healthy companion for your kids. However, kids can get tempted to push flower pots or cut plants. So it's best you hang them high up in tall cabinets

A set of plant pots hung and placed in shelves and walls


Use Smart Shelving

Amongst the most obvious solutions, but still a very good one. Narrow shelving allows for display space and smart storage

These low profile shelves are a great way to treat colorful books like art and to keep track of your kid's current selection of library books. It's smart in the sense that you neatly arrange their books while making the house more beautiful.

Children books carefully placed on wall shelves


Keep your space open

As much you keep a fair amount spacing among your furniture pieces. This gives your kids more room and ample free zone to have a lot of fun. They are kids and they always play. Even more so now that they are all at home. 

An open space trapping enough light and circulating air


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