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  1. A layered and Effective Lighting Concept :

Lighting concept vary by room and by design, understanding the principles of light helps you get the most out of your lighting choices. The type of lights you choose changes the mood and feel of a room because different lights illuminate surfaces differently.

The layout is an important element in making sure you have the right light for the right situation, so your rooms and design features are well lit year-round.

  • Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Chandeliers and pendant lights benefit the most from being centred in space. One ideal spot for a chandelier is directly above the centre of an entryway. Or, if there is a larger foyer beyond that, you should centre it in that area where people can appreciate the beauty of the lighting feature as they enter.

  • Wall Lights:

The best layout for wall lights is to space them evenly on the wall across its length. The number of lights is based entirely upon personal preference. As far as height, eye level is the best option, but you can place them higher or lower based on personal preference.

  • Track Lighting

If you want to illuminate specific design features, adjustable track lighting, which can be pointed in any direction, is your best choice. An example of a good spot for track lighting is on the ceiling of a hallway with three wall paintings, the lamps pointed to illuminate the paintings.

  • Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting isn't a solution to illuminate a room but to shine on specific elements directly below. Because the lights are recessed in cans within the ceiling, the majority of the light from the bulbs is trapped within the recess, as opposed to spreading out and hitting the walls, If you're using them to add a subtle glow to a room, place them across the ceiling, spaced out depending on how many lights you want.

  1. Make sure your curtains hit the floor

This is the standard length for hanging curtains, either hitting the floor exactly or hovering a half inch off the ground. It usually works for modern and classic style. The curtain lengths make the ceilings seem taller and the room more polished, maybe even a bit formal.

  1. Paint Walls and Trim the same Colour

Painting the walls and trim the same colour in a small space makes it all blend together. Your eye doesn’t know where to stop, so space seems so much larger. 

If you have a room in your home that feels chopped up by the trim and doors, painting them the same colour as the walls could be the answer. Give it a shot; you can always paint over it if you change your mind later!

  1. Use Metallic Aesthetics

Presence of some metallic materials in the space on items like the wall clock, centre table, fireplace and on some part of the furniture.

  1. Invest in Large Scale Art Pieces
Art pieces, generally, are always best for aesthetics and can also give an inspiration of colour.

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