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When you want to redecorate your space, you’d want to choose the style that speaks volumes to you. Complete the style and design of your kitchen with the addition of barstools. Make decisions on styles to match the design and décor of your kitchen or you go for pieces that stand out and turns heads.


Select the best African designs when making your decision. Why? Because you want to make your kitchen an exciting area that you want to spend time with loved ones in.



The mast barstool is produced with solid wood which is a durable natural material and has a cozy seat.

The seat is set at a fixed height so that there’s no need to make adjustments and has a fabric covering a high-density foam padding. The base unit is wood and is highly durable, ideal for relaxation and resistant to scratches and water.

The stool comes in one piece and necessary maintenance instructions.



Zigi barstool is one of the finest in its collection because of its wooden leg stand design.

A solid metal piece, its durability has been put to test as this piece can be sanded with the surface treated when required. Although there’s the absence of the traditional 4 legs, the Zigi bar can still be sat upon in any direction thanks to its double-sided footrest.

The stool is ideal for relaxation with family and friends due to it being resistant to scratches and water.



The Izu barstool offers supreme comfort and support in design of mustard yellow and carton brown.

The fixed height of the bar stool creates a complacent experience and is sure to be a star attraction of any bar or kitchen counter. The barstool is lightweight, easy to move and easy to maintain. The frame is created from polished, solid wood.

The barstool offers true relaxation with its thickly padded high-density seat and wooden footrest.



Bimbo barstool is one piece that should be in every contemporary African home.

It gives the feel of a restaurant setting and completes the dining experience. This 100% solid wood barstool has a proper backrest and provides the most comfort. A light piece, the Bimbo barstool gives the best dining experience.

The best Bimbo barstool experience would be with a center table for aesthetic value for its durability.



The Gamba barstool is a piece that serves as a barstool either at home or at work due to its minimalistic design.

This wooden masterpiece has passed through several durability tests and this makes it a perfect choice for drinking sessions with family and friends. This easy-to-clean piece has a composition of all-round premium solid wood. All of this combined don’t even make this barstool heavy due to our professional expertise.

Use the Gamba barstool as an item of meetup furniture to share a couple of drinks with loved ones.


We are sure that you would be spoilt for choice when deciding which bar stools are the ones for you. Please, let us know if you encounter any problems while trying to select the best pieces for your space.

Until next time, enjoy life's best.

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